How to challenge a word in scrabble

Donette Sealey - Thu 30 March 2017 -

Scrabble is a fun and testing game, but it can turn unpleasant when you oppose over the existence of a word. The easiest way to resolve an argument over a word’s authority is to challenge the word. When you challenge a word, you then use your chosen dictionary to see if the word is valid or not. Afterward, the challenged player will either lose his/her turn or you will lose your turn as an outcome of the challenge result.

Check for possible unacceptable plays

If one of your fellow players plays an unusual word or a word that you feel is not spelled properly, then you may want to dispute the word. Pay concentration to the plays that your fellow players formulate during their turns, as well as small words that are formed in conjunction with bigger ones. And also, learn word tips or be familiar with Scrabble word finder to know the more legal word.

Proclaim your challenge before your rival drawn their tiles

If you make a decision that you want to challenge a word, you need to declare your intention to challenge the word before the next player has drawn their tiles. Ensure that you state the exact word or words when you issue your challenge. Immediately the suspect word has been played, utter something like, “I challenge the word".

Look up the word

To confirm whether or not the word that has been played is a suitable word, you or a different player (not the player being challenged) will have to check the dictionary. If the word isn’t in the dictionary, then declare that the play was void. If it was right, then announce that the play was correct.

You get to deal with the consequence

You or the person you challenged will miss a turn. But if you challenged the player and the word was correct, then you lose your next turn. If the word was not valid, then the person you challenged must take out the tiles from the board, does not gain any points for the tiles and loses that turn. You don’t challenge a player when they use Scrabble cheat or online Scrabble help.