4 tricks for Scrabble beginners

Donette Sealey - Thu 30 March 2017 -

Scrabble is not a game for the faint worded. Although it does require a basic understanding of the English language and vocabulary, this board game gets much easier when played with a few tricks up your sleeve. We will now discuss 4 basic tricks that ensure you win your next Scrabble game with ease.

Two and Three letter words

While most people sought out those big words with extra points, one of the most important word tips while playing scrabble is to enhance your two or three letter words vocabulary. These small but important words can help you score upwards of 50 points in a game while you have more letters at hand for all your “big words”.

Common ending or beginning words

A lot of words in the English language have a common ending or beginning. Many words end with “er”, “ing” or “ed” while a lot of words begin with “re”, “in” or “un”. Try and put these words on the appropriate side of the rack to visualize future word options. For example, placing the word “re” on the left side of your rack will help you picture a lot of words such as ‘revert, reply, remember’ as your rack grows bigger.

Keep those “hooks” in mind

Hooks is a term that is used for single letters that you can add to existing words on the board to turn them into entirely new words. For example, “cop” turns into “cope”, “take” into “taken”. Some might even label you a Scrabble cheat for doing this. You can use online Scrabble word finder to find and memorize words that end with “d”, “e”, “r” or “y”.

Hot Spots

One must always plan their strategy to aim for the hot spots of the board game. Rather than focusing on Scrabble word finder for practice, you can easily plan your move towards a triple word score with smart and steady moves. An intelligent game plan is all the Scrabble help you will ever need. These 4 tricks are bound to raise your Scrabble game and give you a boost of confidence the next time you sit down for a Scrabble showdown.